Training for Ministry with the Anglican Theological Institute of Bermuda

In 2017, the Bishop of Bermuda sought to instigate a programme of Training for Ministry for the Anglican Theological Institute of Bermuda that followed the best practice recognised around the Anglican Communion.

Through the appointment of a Director of Training and Discipleship, and the formation of an Affiliation Agreement with St Mellitus College, London (UK), The Anglican Church of Bermuda has developed courses of Theologcal Education and Formation as preparation for Licensed Lay Ministry and Ordination.

The programme is open to:

  • Persons who, having been through a diocesan process of discernment, have been recommended and sent by the bishop for Training for Licensed Lay Ministry or Training for Ordination

  • Persons whose ministry has been recognised by their Parish, supported by their Incumbent and Vestry, wish to enrich and deepen their Lay Ministry in the parish (this may include ministries such as Sunday School Leader, Bible Study Leader, Worship Leader, Pastoral Visitor, Parish Evangelist etc.)

  • Persons who wish to deepen their knowledge of our Christian Faith, gain greater confidence in the Scriptures, and grow as a disciple of Jesus

The Anglican Theological Institute of Bermuda is a St Mellitus Affiliate

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